Double Fibre Muesli
Fibre Filled Cereal
Scrambled eggs with cheese & avocado 
No-cook oatmeal porridge

Lighter Meals
Cucumber, cheese & sprout sandwich
Curried bean wrap
Toasted wrap with hummus dip & salsa (vegan if you can find a vegan wrap)
Cottage cheese salad

Rice & beans (vegan)
Spicy potato, lentil & coconut curry  (vegan)
Beans & viennas with barley  (vegan)
Protein rich beans & viennas with barley  (vegan)
Chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce with couscous  (vegan)
Mushroom & rice bake with cheese 
Red lentil & butternut curry  (vegan)
Red lentil & veggie dahl  (vegan)
Vegan lentil carrot burgers  (vegan)
Tomato rice pilaf  (vegan)
Veggie lentil cottage pie (vegan option)

Alkalizing coleslaw salad
Mixed avocado salad  (vegan)
Colourful coleslaw 
Garden salad with feta & mushrooms  (vegan)
Broccoli & carrot slaw

Side Dishes
Mashed cinnamon sweet potato  (vegan)
Mashed potato salad
Spicy Cinnamon Butternut & Cinnamon Baked Veggies  (vegan)
Rosemary butter steamed potatoes 
Jelly (jello) carrot salad
Mashed cauliflower with cream cheese
Curried potato salad

Desserts & Cakes
5 minute chocolate cake 
Vegan carrot cake with apple & coconut  (vegan)
Tapioca pudding with pineapple & cream
Vegan chocolate cake (vegan)
Rice pudding 
Creamy trifle 
Malva pudding 
Mocha Cream Tart
Cinnamon Cake
Pineapple & coconut pudding
Gluten-free 7 minute single serve chocolate cake
Peppermint crispt tart
Sweet potato chocolate brownie dessert 

All-in-One muffins
Gluten-free cinnamon banana raisin muffins
Gluten-free cinnamon sweet potato muffins
Gluten-free banana honey oat muffins 
Whole wheat peanut butter banana choc-chip muffins 
Banana oat carrot muffins  (vegan)
Bran muffins   

Cookies, Squares, Brownies, Fudge etc
Sugar spice cookies
Peanut butter oatmeal cookies 
Peanut butter rice crispie squares  (vegan)
Chewy Peanut butter & honey oatmeal squares  (vegan)
Raw chocolate cookies  (vegan)
Soft banana coconut cookies  (vegan)
Raw chocolate coconut oat cookies  (vegan)
Vegan coconut ice  (vegan)
Fruity oat bars  (vegan)
Banana chocolate fudge  (vegan)
Cinnamon coconut squares with chocolate topping  (vegan)

Creamy tropical smoothie
Creamy strawberry tropical smoothie
Tropical smoothie with apple 
Creamy banana oat smoothie
Creamy banana oat cinnamon smoothie  (vegan)
Banana cinnamon smoothie
Banana oat peanut butter smoothie
Banana strawberry smoothie
Banana strawberry-yoghurt smoothie 
Banana & nectarine smoothie  (vegan)
Banana, mango & papaya smoothie  (vegan)
Banana oat tahini smoothie  (vegan)
Granadilla (aka passion fruit) tropical smoothie

Sauces, Dressings & Dips (savoury)
Turmeric yoghurt salad dressing
Tangy red savoury sauce
Cucumber & chickpea hummus  (vegan)
Turmeric sour cream dip 
Hummus  (vegan)
Greek yoghurt & chive dip

Sauces & Dressings (sweet)

Juices & Drinks
Apple cider vinegar & honey drink  (vegan)
Carrot juice  (vegan)
Ginger honey lemon ice tea  (vegan)
Carrot & beetroot juice (vegan) 

Other Sweet Treats & Things

Strawberries & stevia-sweetened cream
Sweet rice
Fruity ice pops 
Date truffles 
Spiced date balls (vegan)
Date, oat & coconut balls  (vegan)
Dried fruit balls  (vegan)
Chocolate date truffles  (vegan)
Homemade condensed milk  
Chocolate fudge in a bowl

Other Savoury Things

Butternut soup  (vegan)
Savoury Chickpea "bread"