Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Date Truffles

These date truffles are beyond divine, they're one of my all time favourite sweets EVER.  Little bites of what I image must be the kinds of treats found in heaven. :D
This makes a really small portion (well, small to ME - it fills a side plate), so double, tripple or quadrupal it depending on how many people you want to serve.

125g pitted dates, chopped as finely as you can (I used organic ones without any nasty preservatives)
62.5ml butter
30ml sugar
25ml egg (beat an egg with a fork and then pour out 25ml)
2ml vanilla essence
10 (or 1/4 packet) marie biscuits, very finely crushed (put 'em in a packet and crush them with a rolling pin)
desiccated coconut to roll in
  • melt butter in pot and add dates
  • beat together sugar & egg until creamy; add to date mixture & mix
  • add vanilla & mix
  • add biscuit crumbs & mix, remove from heat
  • let cool & roll into little balls, then roll in coconut
  • cool in fridge
I want to try a sugar-free (& egg-free) version - that way I'll more readily make this treat, knowing that it's healthier!  Not sure how to replace the sugar filled marie biscuits, but I'll do some research.  :)

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