Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tropical Smoothie with Apple

I added an apple to my usual tropical smoothie, but I didn't peel the apple, since eating the whole apple has certain heart benefits in that the combined ingredients of a whole apple lowers your amount of blood fats.  The skin is also a good source of fibre.  So, eat them apples whole!  :)

2 bananas (not too overripe, otherwise their flavour is too sweet and overpowering)
1/4 small paw-paw (+- heaped 1/3 cup)
2-3 slices fresh pineapple
1 red apple, cored
1/3 cup orange juice (freshly squeazed is better, otherwise sugar-free, preservative free boxed juice will do) (or more as needed)
1/3 cup rice milk (optional) (or more as needed)
 4 heaped dessert spoons of plain greek yoghurt
1 tbs ground flax seeds

Makes 2 medium servings.
Chop fruits, add everything in blender and blend until smooth.  You can add more liquids if you would like the smoothie more liquidy.

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