Print my Recipes

Use to quickly and easily convert my recipes into a printable version - suitable for printing to paper and PDF creating.  Here's what you do:

1.   Open the link above in a new tab

2.   Click on the permalink of the recipe you'd like to print - to get the permalink, click on the recipe name.  The permalink looks something like this:

3.   Paste the permalink into the space provided on PrintFriendly and click on "print preview":

4.   Then you can choose to print to printer or to PDF:

5.   And you can choose the size of the text, or choose to remove the photo from the recipe.  And if there are any parts of the recipe you want to delete, just click on the sentence to delete it (when I do it, it doesn't want to delete links though, or bold text....oh well)
And then it's ready to print!

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