Sunday, October 23, 2011

Foods with Benefits: Honey

  • has anti-bacterial and anti-sepctic properties, so it is also useful in treating burns and wounds
  • has a healthy glycemic and may be suitable for diabetics in certain instances
  • contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium and is a much healthier option to sugar
  • helps with sore throat
  • may help with seasonal allergies - eat 2-3 spoons of local honey daily, several months prior to pollen season - it may act similar to a vaccine (this is only said to work with local honey though, since the bees obtain the honey from the very plants growing locally which cause your allergies)
  • provides instant energy - when mixed with water it is absorbed into the body within several minutes
  • it is said to aid in sleep - mix a spoonfull in milk and drink before going to bed
Honey can also be substituted for sugar in baking, and it adds a really lovely taste to banana muffins.

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